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The most powerful adult proxy site to unblock your favorite porn websites for free.

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Just type in the URL of the porn website on the above field and submit it to the proxy. You can also click on one of the porn site links listed below to proxy it and unblock the site.

Access to Restricted Porn Sites

Adult proxy supports unblocking a wide range of porn websites, including but not limited to xnxx, xvideos, pornhub, xhamster, etc. For ease of use and navigation, we have tested and sorted out some of the most popular porn websites in different categories that are compatible and works just as expected with our proxy. You can find this list below the text box intended for inputting URLs on this page.

Unblock Porn in HD

When you unblock and access your favorite porn site, you will find an option on the video player to choose from low to HD and UHD resolutions. Choose one of the higher resolutions to enjoy watching the videos in quality for free when using the proxy.

How does Adult Proxy Works?

Our web proxy works by forwarding your requests (the URLs you input) to one of our proxy servers located in a country free from any access restrictions to the website you intend to visit. The server then forwards your request to the target and returns the response (website content) to your browser, thus avoiding the restrictions on your local or country-wide network.

Anonymous Proxy Site

Every website you unblock and browse through our adult proxy site is end-to-end encrypted with a secure SSL connection to and from your browser.

Further, the page-to-page navigations you do on the porn sites are not stored on the browser history or our servers. This is achieved by handling all the page navigations within the same browser tab having a static title and URL. Even if by some means an intruder tries to identify the link you visited, it won't be of any use to them as the links generated are unique to your session, and any attempt to access them will result in an error. So you can safely use our web proxy even on a shared computer.